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Test Bank For Earth2 2nd Edition by Hendrix

Edition: 2nd Edition

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Test Bank For Earth2 2nd Edition by Hendrix

1. The geosphere consists of three major layers: the ____________________, ____________________, and ____________________.

ANSWER:   crust, mantle, core

crust, core, mantle

mantle, crust, core

mantle, core, crust

core, crust, mantle

core, mantle, crust


2. The ____________________ is the zone inhabited by life.

ANSWER:   biosphere


3. The majority of water on Earth is found in the ____________________.

ANSWER:   oceans


4. The Earth formed ____________________ years ago.

ANSWER:   4.6 billion



5. The atmosphere is a mixture of gases, mostly ____________________ and ____________________.

ANSWER:   nitrogen, oxygen

oxygen, nitrogen


6. The fundamental source of energy that drives the atmosphere, hydrosphere, and biosphere is the ____________________.



7. The ____________________ is the largest layer of Earth.

ANSWER:   mantle


8. Earth’s outer, cool, rigid shell that makes up tectonic plates is called the ____________________.

ANSWER:   lithosphere


9. The central portion of the Earth, called the ____________________, contains a solid layer surrounded by a molten layer.

ANSWER:   core


10. A(n) ____________________ is a sequential process or phenomenon that returns to its beginning and then repeats itself over and over.

ANSWER:   cycle
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