What is Test Bank ?

A test bank is defined as a testing resource that can be personalized and customized by expert professors and lecturers to teach students and prepare them for tests. It is usually an electronic and ready-made medium designed for students. It is usually curated by the OUP authors and is usually created for a textbook. 

To illustrate, a separate test bank is designed for a specific textbook. In addition, the majority of test banks are designed with feedback provided by the students regarding the book’s references. Having said that, a test bank is a reliable source to prepare for the tests. 

What is a solution manual?

A solution manual is defined as an answer key for all the questions asked in the test bank. In most cases, it’s added to the end of the test bank to help students check if their answers were correct or not. In addition, the solution manuals not only have correct answers but also have various explanations and concepts written out to help students understand the reason behind the specific answer. 

What is your refund policy?

All our products are digital downloads and hence not returnable. However, we have sufficient checkpoints to ensure you can only purchase the right product. If you have any problem with the file oR want to cancel the order so contact us via email and live chat too.

How and When will i get it?

This is an instant download. You will be guided to a download page as soon as the payment is completed and a download link will be sent to your preferred email as well. There is no waiting time. Further, you can open your email click the link that is already available in the email which you receive, and then click to download button

Are test banks anonymous?

The test banks are not anonymous, but students need special access to get access to the test bank materials. However, students have managed to access the test banks. Having said that, the students can now access the test banks anonymously with an easy search and read the test questions. On the other hand, if you are wondering about the author, the author’s name is always available on the test bank. 

Is it illegal to use a test bank?

The test banks are a compilation of test questions and exam questions asked by the professors in the previous semesters. As per the information provided by Kennedy, the students can use the past exams and tests if the teaching faculty allows the use. On the other hand, it’s a violation of the faculty member forbids the students from using the test bank and they still use it. 

Secondly, if the professors ask the students to use a test bank written by them, disciplinary action can be taken against the professors. On the contrary, students can use the test banks if the professors allow it without any repercussions. 

How do i purchased a product?

Add the product to your cart and click to buy now, check out and pay with Coin base or your credit/debit card securely.

Do test banks change with edition?

It’s common for students to ask if there are different editions of the test banks. Honestly speaking, there are no major differences in different editions of the test bank as there are no major changes in the test book (the test banks are based on the book). Having said that, there are no significant changes in different editions of the test bank. 

The test bank authors add, update, or change the questions from the past editions. All in all, it’s nearly impossible to create an entirely new test bank for every book edition. 

What is a test bank for the textbook?

The test bank is designed according to the textbooks. To illustrate, the textbook’s contents are used for creating a test bank. So, there is a test bank available for the textbooks, but it also depends on the subject. For instance, the professional subjects often have test banks designed on different textbooks and their respective editions. 

Is using a test bank considered cheating?

The test banks are not considered cheating because it’s a preparation medium available for all students. This means that every student has access to the test banks to prepare for their exams and tests, and there is no favoritism included in the test banks. For this reason, the students can use the test banks to prepare for the exams. 

On the other hand, it is considered academic dishonesty for teachers to recommend a test bank because it’s usually made by the same teacher. It will penalize other students who didn’t have the test banks. So, students can use the test banks. 

Will I See The Same Question In My Actual Test?

Although it’s possible to see the same questions in your test, We don’t guarantee such a thing.  We are responsible only to provide you with authentic questions specifically for your textbook.  If you purchase the test bank just in hope that you will see the exact questions in your real exam, then save your money and don’t buy it.  Our target to provide test banks is totally different.

What question types can be seen in the test bank?

The test banks are usually based on the textbooks, which is why it depends on the textbook’s content on which questions will appear in the test banks. For the most part, the test banks have multiple-choice questions, fill-in-the-blanks, and true and false questions. However, some theoretical subjects include essay questions and short questions. 

In addition, there are matching questions and computational questions available. Along with the questions, the test banks also have proper references to the textbook and a solution key at the end to make sure students are fully aware of the concepts.