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Test Bank For History of Western Society Concise Edition 12th Edition By McKay

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Test Bank For History of Western Society Concise Edition 12th Edition By McKay

Use the following to answer questions 1-13:


  1. A) The period after 9000 B.C.E., when people developed agriculture, domesticated animals, and used tools made of stone and wood.
  2. B) An area of mild climate and abundant wild grain where agriculture first developed, in present-day Lebanon, Israel, Jordan, Turkey, and Iraq.
  3. C) Sumerian form of writing; the term describes the wedge-shaped marks made by a stylus.
  4. D) Egyptian funerary manuscripts, written to help guide the dead through the difficulties they would encounter on the way to the afterlife.
  5. E) A proclamation issued by Babylonian king Hammurabi to establish laws regulating many aspects of life.
  6. F) The period of human history up to about 9000 B.C.E., when tools were made from stone and bone and people gained their food through foraging.
  7. G) The worship of many gods and goddesses.
  8. H) The title given to the king of Egypt in the New Kingdom, from a word that meant “great house.”
  9. I) A large-scale system of human political, economic, and social organizations; such a system has cities, laws, states, and often writing.
  10. J) The Egyptian belief in a cosmic harmony that embraced truth, justice, and moral integrity; it gave the kings the right and duty to govern.
  11. K) The period in which the production and use of bronze implements became basic to society.
  12. L) A society in which most power is held by older adult men, especially those from the elite groups.
  13. M) An economic system based on herding flocks of goats, sheep, cattle, or other animals beneficial to humans.



1. ma’at



2. polytheism



3. Paleolithic era



4. pharaoh



5. Fertile Crescent



6. Neolithic era



7. Hammurabi’s law code



8. Book of the Dead



9. Bronze Age



10. patriarchy



11. cuneiform



12. civilization



13. pastoralism


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