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Test bank for Generalist Social Work Practice 8th edition

Edition: 8th Edition

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This broadly mainstream text gives a firm establishment to understanding strengthening based generalist social work, including the training measures identified with building and keeping up enabling customer specialist connections through viable correspondence, arrangement situated cycles for leading appraisal and building up a strategy, and thoughts and exercises for finishing compelling intercession and assessment. Generalist Social Work It shows a reformist practice approach that is grounded in a social work research, intelligent of social work esteems, touchy to customer variety, and pertinent to working with any degree of customer framework including people, families, gatherings, associations, and networks

This content gives social specialists a technique that completely acknowledges center social work esteems, regards customer ability, and enacts customer assets inside the setting of their carries on with, starting with drawing in customers as accomplices and proceeding with surveying, mediating, and assessing from a qualities viewpoint. Completely refreshed all through, the book remembers significant data for contemporary patterns in social work practice,

Our product will help you master any topic faster than ever before. The heavy lifting of extracting the most important information from your textbook and compiling it into a downloadable test bank has been done for you. By using this test bank in conjunction with your textbook, you will have all the resources necessary to ensure success in the classroom. Practice makes perfect and this test prep resource will reinforce the concepts and theories presented throughout your course. But that’s not all:

Table of Contents

Preface                                                                                                                                              ii

CSWE Core Competencies and Practice Behaviors throughout the text                                        vi

Sample Syllabus                                                                                                                               ix

Chapter 1        Generalist Social Work Practice                                                                               1

Chapter 2        Human System Perspectives                                                                                     8

Chapter 3        Values and Multicultural Competence                                                                   16

Chapter 4        Strengths and Empowerment                                                                                 24

Chapter 5        An Empowering Approach to Generalist Practice                                                  32

Chapter 6        Engagement: Forming Partnerships                                                                        39

Chapter 7        Engagement: Articulating Situations                                                                      46

Chapter 8        Engagement: Defining Directions                                                                          53

Chapter 9        Assessment: Identifying Strengths                                                                         61

Chapter 10      Assessment: Assessing Resource Capabilities                                                        69

Chapter 11      Assessment: Framing Solutions                                                                              77

Chapter 12      Intervention: Activating Resources                                                                        85

Chapter 13      Intervention: Creating Alliances                                                                             93

Chapter 14      Intervention: Expanding Opportunities                                                                101

Chapter 15      Evaluation: Recognizing Success                                                                         108

Chapter 16      Intervention: Integrating Gains                                                                            116

Answer Key                                                                                                                                  123

Appendix A    Case Study                                                                                                            124

Appendix B    Assessing Learning Outcomes                                                                              137

Appendix C    Northside Community Service Network                                                              153



The approach to social work practice presented in this text acknowledges our interdependence and celebrates the resources that collaboration creates. It reflects a broad-based view of human functioning and explores processes for activating resources in people and their environments. Moreover, it specifically focuses on the nature of the helping relationship itself as a resource for both workers and client systems. Collaboration is the heart of this empowering approach. We believe in the creative synergy of collaborative processes. It’s how we wrote this book.


New to This Edition

This eighth edition of Generalist Social Work Practice: An Empowering Approach provides updated information about topics in generalist social work practice and integrates additional pedagogy to support student learning. The authors have incorporated new material relevant to contemporary trends in social work practice, offered revisions to critical thinking questions consistent with the Council on Social Work Education’s (CSWE) current core competencies and practice behaviors, and added links to e-resources to promote student learning and assessment.


Specifically, this edition does the following:

  • Better prepare students for present-day generalist social work practice by offering new material about biological influences on behavior, trauma theory, trauma-informed practice, and evidence-based practice
  • Ensures extensive coverage of required outcomes identified by CSWE in 2015, with revised critical thinking questions that target the current core competencies and associated practices behaviors
  • Uses a new full-length case example in Chapter 2 that demonstrates how a generalist social worker applies key theoretical perspectives to her work with a veteran reintegrating into civilian life after combat
  • Adds to students’ professional foundations by including the National Association of Social Work’s (NASW) strategies for professional action through 2020 and revisions to material based on current NASW policy statements as well as the current International Federation of Social Workers’ (IFSW) definition of social work
  • Promotes students’ self-assessment by using formative assessments at the end of each major section (Assess Your Understanding) and summative assessments at the end of each chapter (EvaluateYour Competence). These are available only in the Pearson eText.
  • Facilitates an interactive learning experience throughout the text by integrating e-resources including links to a glossary of key concepts and video assets
  • Uses carefully crafted case examples to illustrate the core competences of social work practice across a wide range of practice settings
  • Updates demographic information to ensure currency
  • Supports students’ inquiry into specialized topic areas with updated bibliographic references and text citations throughout
  • Improves readability by fine-tuning the organization of material in many chapters
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