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Test Bank For Earths Climate Past and Future 3rd Edition by Ruddiman

Edition: 3rd Edition

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Test Bank For Earths Climate Past and Future 3rd Edition by Ruddiman

1. Which of the following is (are) external drivers of Earth’s climate?
A) atmospheric greenhouse gas levels
B) solar strength variation
C) ice
D) surface reflectivity
E) All of the above are external drivers.



2. Earth’s average surface temperature is:
A) 76°F.
B) 273 K.
C) 15.5°C.
D) represented by the temperature at the equator.
E) Both A and C are correct.



3. Climate science:
A) is exclusively studied by meteorologists.
B) requires an Earth system perspective.
C) spans vast temporal scales.
D) spans vast spatial scales.
E) All but A are correct.



4. Examine the following figure to determine which of the statements is correct.


A) Regardless of the scale, global temperature changes display a regular, cyclic pattern.
B) Rapid climate change is characteristic of large-scale (tectonic) climate trends.
C) Millennial climate variations are resolvable on tectonic time scales.
D) Historical changes in global temperature are small relative to those that have previously occurred during Earth’s long history.
E) None of the answers is correct.



5. Which of the following internal Earth system components has the fastest climate response time?
A) the atmosphere
B) ice sheets
C) sea ice
D) the deep ocean
E) These have the same response time because they all contain water in some form.


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