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Test Bank For Health Behavior And Health Education Theory Research And Practice 5th Edition By Karen Glanz

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Test Bank For Health Behavior And Health Education Theory Research And Practice 5th Edition By Karen Glanz

ISBN: 978-1-118-62898-0

Chapter 2: Theory, Research, and Practice in Health Behavior
Multiple Choice Questions
1. Theory is:
a. A set of related concepts, definitions, and propositions that present a systematic
view of phenomena
b. Used to specify relationships among variables to explain and predict events
c. A framework for developing interventions to achieve behavior change
d. The basis for a conceptual map for deciding what to measure in research studies
e. All of the above
2. Which of the following statements best defines a construct:
a. Operationalized components of a particular theory
b. Systematic view of events that specifies relations among variables
c. A model of health behavior change that integrates multiple theories
d. Theories that apply to a specific problem, audience, and context
e. General guidelines for action
3. New theories should:
a. Provide an explanation for phenomena unexplained by prior theories
b. Work exclusively in controlled settings
c. Explainall factors influencing the majority of health behaviors
d. Prove other theories wrong
e. Generate income for the developers
4. Which paradigm emphasizes the use of induction a sources of knowledge and posits
that theory verification should be through empirical testing and systematic observation of
a. Constructivist
b. Post-modern
c. Logical empiricism
d. Feminist
e. Positivism
5. Lewin’s meta-theory stipulates rules for building a good theory. Which isNOTone of the
a. Mathematical representation of the constructs and variables
b. The need for testing in a controlled setting
c. Analysis of the situation as a whole
d. A dynamic approach
e. Contemporaneity

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