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Test Bank For Introductory Mental Health Nursing 4th Edition Womble Kincheloe

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Test Bank For Introductory Mental Health Nursing 4th Edition Womble Kincheloe

Chapter 1 Mental Health and Mental Illness
1. When studying mental health and mental illness, the student nurse learns
that which of the following is evidence of our mental health?
A) Our ability to function well with others
B) Our ability to defend what we believe
C) Our ability to perform demanding tasks
on the job
D) Our ability to defend those weaker than
we are
2. A mental health nurse is teaching a class in anger management. She teaches
the patients that recognizing what triggers their anger response allows them
to do which of the following?
A) Manipulate the situation to get what you
B) Stand up for ones beliefs against the
cultural beliefs of a community
C) Gives them the opportunity to gain
control of their anger
D) Control the things that trigger their
3. Which of the following are factors that could be part of a persons cultural
identity? (Select all that apply.)
A) Common family customs
B) Common language
C) Common stressors
D) Gender
E) Adaptive resources
4. What would a culturally competent nurse know that some cultural and
ethnic groups feel that mental illness is caused by?
A) Demon possession
B) Pretense
C) The stars
D) Hypnosis
5. A staff educator is discussing stress and its impact on a disease process,
whether it is physical or mental. What would be the best statement about
stress that the educator could give?
A) Stress can be prostress or distress.
B) Stress can never enhance the feeling of
C) Stress can be either physically or
emotionally exhausting, but not both.
D) Distress is actually harmful to ones
6. A patient comes to the clinic to see the Mental Health Nurse Practitioner.
The patient states, I seem to be miserable and upset all the time. My
marriage is crumbling because my wife refuses to understand how I feel.
What does the nurse practitioner understand about the factors contributing
to the patients stress?
A) Internal situations often make us
miserable and upset
B) External situations often make us
miserable and upset
C) We choose to make ourselves miserable
and upset
D) We choose to live with chronic stress
7. As a mental health nurse, you know that when a person feels insulted,
mental images of resentment and animosity may be formed. These images
generate what?
A) The need to fight back
B) The need to change their behavior
C) The need to project blame onto the other
D) The need to manipulate the situation
8. Mental health nurses know that stress management is an important part of
patient care. What is one way a mental health nurse could help the patient
cope with stress?
A) Teach mentalization
B) Teach hypnosis
C) Teach imagination
D) Teach visualization
9. To help patients deal with their stress, nurses must also learn to cope with
their own. Which of the following is an adaptive coping strategy that might
be used by the nurse?
A) Reframing
B) Mediation
C) Asset training
D) Mental blocking
10. An 18-year-old college student is very anxious about auditioning for the
schools famous chorale. Which of the following ways of dealing with this
anxiety would the nurse recognize as being maladaptive?
A) Arranging for voice lessons
B) Practicing the songs used in the audition
C) Going to a concert
D) Singing with a group of friends
11. Several steps occur in the crisis sequence. What is one of these steps?
A) Organization recurs
B) Violence
C) Autonomic response
D) Peripheral nervous system response
12. A 70-year-old man is admitted to the hospital in a severe state of
malnutrition. The nurse learns that he lost his wife 3 months ago and is
living alone in a rural area. His family lives at a great distance and rarely
visits him. He is not eating for several days at a time and is not paying his
bills. He is now without electricity and phone service at his home. When his
son asks the nurse what is wrong with his father, what would be the nurses
best response?
A) He is grieving for his wife.
B) He has colon cancer and is dying.
C) He has a malabsorption disorder.
D) He feels alone and useless.
13. A 28-year-old woman, whose husband and two children were killed in a
hurricane 3 years ago, has dated several men in the past 18 months. She has
never allowed a serious relationship to develop, always finding a reason to
end the relationship after a couple of months. What is a reason that this
woman may not be able to form a serious, lasting relationship with a man?
A) Unresolved grieving from a loss when
she was 15 years old
B) The patient has had multiple losses
C) Guilt with regard to circumstances at or
near the time of loss
D) The patient has ambivalent feelings
toward the lost person
14. A new nurse has just begun work in a mental health facility. During
orientation, the nurse learns about chronic sorrow. What should this nurse
learn that is considered chronic sorrow?
A) Twelve continuous months of coping
with a loss
B) Inability to complete the coping process
C) A prolonged and intensified resolution
D) A prolonged and intensified reaction
15. A patient who responds to acute stress by fleeing from the situation is
demonstrating the fight-or-flight response. Which of the following describes
this response?
A) A surge of adrenalin into the
bloodstream in response to an
immediate threat
B) A lapse of judgment that causes a
person to avoid consequences
C) A positive response to an insulting
D) A result of chronic stress

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