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Test Bank For Maternity Newborn and Women’s Health Nursing A Case-Based Approach 1st Edition O’Meara

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Test Bank For Maternity Newborn and Women’s Health Nursing A Case-Based Approach 1st Edition O’Meara

Immediate Postpartum Hemorrhage
1. A pregnant woman is being discharged from the hospital after the placement of a cervical
cerclage because of a history of recurrent pregnancy loss, secondary to an incompetent cervix.
Which information regarding postprocedural care should the nurse emphasize in the discharge
a. Any vaginal discharge should be immediately reported to her health care provider.
b. The presence of any contractions, rupture of membranes (ROM), or severe perineal pressure should
c. The client will need to make arrangements for care at home, because her activity level will be restri
d. The client will be scheduled for a cesarean birth.

2. A perinatal nurse is giving discharge instructions to a woman, status post suction, and curettage
secondary to a hydatidiform mole. The woman asks why she must take oral contraceptives for
the next 12 months. What is the best response by the nurse?
If you get pregnant within 1 year, the chance of a successful pregnancy is very small. Therefore, if
a. pregnancy, it would be better for you to use the most reliable method of contraception available.
The major risk to you after a molar pregnancy is a type of cancer that can be diagnosed only by me
hormone that your body produces during pregnancy. If you were to get pregnant, then it would make
b. this cancer more difficult.
If you can avoid pregnancy for the next year, the chance of developing a second molar pregnancy
c. improve your chance of a successful pregnancy, not getting pregnant at this time is best.
d. Oral contraceptives are the only form of birth control that will prevent a recurrence of a molar preg

3. The nurse is preparing to administer methotrexate to the client. This hazardous drug
is most often used for which obstetric complication?
a. Complete hydatidiform mole
b. Missed abortion
c. Unruptured ectopic pregnancy
d. Abruptio placentae

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