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Test Bank For Neeb’s Mental Health Nursing 5th Edition Gorman

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Test Bank For Neeb’s Mental Health Nursing 5th Edition Gorman

Chapter 01: History of Mental Health Nursing
Multiple Choice

Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.
1. The act of developing a clean environment is a factor in providing effective health care as
demonstrated by:
A. Nightingale.
B. Benner.
C. Swanson.
D. King.

2. What is the name of the publication written by Florence Nightingale?
A. Nursing Sanitation Notes
B. Nursing 101
C. Notes on Nursing
D. Nursing Notes

3. A long-term goal for in-patient mental health treatment is generally to:
A. Return the patient to the community.
B. Locate a facility for long term care.
C. Be arrested and placed in prison.
D. Be completely cured of the disorder.
4. The mentally ill were once housed in mental institutions known as:
A. Hospitals.
B. Long-term care facilities.
C. Asylums.
D. Free-standing treatment centers.

5. Which nursing theorists promoted the interpersonal theory between the nurse and the
A. Hildegard Peplau
B. Hattie Bessent
C. Mary Mahoney
D. Linda Richards
Complete each statement.

6. Phenothiazines were discovered in what year?
7. The first psychiatric program of study was established by which nursing leader?
8. Who was the nurse theorist who was the first American-trained nurse credited with teaching
how to provide care for people with mental illness?

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