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Health Care USA Understanding Its Organization and Delivery 8th Edition By Harry A. Sultz – Test Bank

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Health Care USA Understanding Its Organization and Delivery 8th Edition By Harry A. Sultz – Test Bank

ISBN-13: 978-1284029888, ISBN-10: 1284002802

Multiple Choice

  1. U.S. annual health care expenditures far outstrip those of 7 other developed nations. In relationship with expenditures, U.S. health population status ranking on critical indicators in comparison with those other developed nations is:


  1. Remarkably higher
  2. About equal
  3. Dismally lower
  4. None of the above

Ans: C

Page 2


  1. In the past, patient behaviors within the health care delivery system were formed from the authoritarian positions of better-educated providers who expected patients to be compliant and grateful. Today, health care providers and consumers:


  1. show increased appreciation for the reasons why health professionals’ deserve superiority
  2. are fully bonded with each other in a joint, consumer-driven mindset
  3. encourage more proactive roles for patients’ participation in health care decisions with “shared decision-making”
  4. increasingly rely on the legal system to determine boundaries of patient/provider decision-making about treatment options

Ans. C

Page: 5


  1. In the natural history of a disease, the pre-pathogenesis period refers to:


  1. Behavioral, genetic, environmental and other factors that may contribute to an individual’s likelihood of contracting a disease
  2. The period after disease diagnosis when a treatment plan is developed
  3. The period of post-acute treatment care planning to prevent further complications
  4. Pre-natal assessment of potential fetal disorders

Ans. A

Page: 6


  1. Of the levels of prevention associated with the natural history of disease, primary prevention refers to:


  1. early diagnosis and prompt treatment
  2. disability limitation
  3. rehabilitation
  4. health education and specific protection

Ans:  D

Page:  11


  1. Americans spend $9 billion each year on alternative and complementary therapies. This trend has caused:


  1. the federal government to strictly regulate alternative and complementary therapy providers
  2. insurers refusing to pay for complementary and alternative therapy treatments
  3. many private insurers and Medicare and Medicaid to provide benefit coverage for certain treatments
  4. Government restrictions on Internet marketing of alternative and complementary therapies

Ans:  C

Page:  15


  1. The U.S. healthcare delivery system has numerous stakeholders. In terms of financial power, control of delivery system parameters for the majority of Americans and influence on consumers and providers of health care, which of the following pairs of stakeholders is the most influential:


  1. Government and private health insurers
  2. Consumers and providers
  3. Government and consumers
  4. Hospitals and health care professionals

Ans.: A

Pages 14 & 15

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