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Test Bank For From Slavery to Freedom 1st Edition By John Hope Franklin

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Test Bank For From Slavery to Freedom 1st Edition By John Hope Franklin

Chapter 1: Ancestral Africa

Multiple Choice

  1. What linguistic group predominated in the region of north-central Africa?
  2. Koisan
  3. Afro-Asiatic
  4. Nilo-Siharan
  5. Niger-Congo

ANS: c

  1. Scholars believe that, around 2000 B.C.E., speakers of which language spread from present day Nigeria and Cameroon southward and eastward to make their language the most commonly used one on the continent?
  2. Akan
  3. Yoruba
  4. Kintampo
  5. Bantu

ANS: d

  1. The artifacts of the ancient Nok people of the Jos Plateau provide archaeological evidence of all of the following EXCEPT
  2. highly developed iron-making capabilities.
  3. settled communities centered around agricultural production.
  4. a written language used for administrative and economic records.
  5. figurative terracotta sculptures.

ANS: c

  1. What is an abrammuo?
  2. a weight for measuring precious metals
  3. a small sculpture used in religious ceremonies
  4. a wind instrument similar to the modern flute
  5. a headpiece worn by Ghanaian emperors

ANS: a

  1. Before the fifteenth century C.E., what commodity did Arabs and Europeans most desire from sub-Saharan Africa?
  2. spices
  3. slaves
  4. gold
  5. iron

ANS: c

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