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Test Bank For Foundations of Respiratory Care 2nd Edition By Wyka

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Test Bank For Foundations of Respiratory Care 2nd Edition By Wyka

Multiple Choice

Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.

1.   Who of the following demonstrated blood circulation through the heart?

a. Galen c. Pasteur
b. Priestley d. Harvey

2.   Who was the first president of the Inhalation Therapy Association (ITA)?

a. George Kneeland c. Donald Egan
b. Jimmy Young d. Alvin Barach

3.   In what year was the “Essentials of an Acceptable School of Inhalation Therapy Technicians” published?

a. 1949 c. 1960
b. 1956 d. 1964

4.   In what year was JRCITE established?

a. 1959 c. 1964
b. 1961 d. 1970

5.   In what year were the first respiratory care practitioners credentialed?

a. 1957 c. 1966
b. 1961 d. 1969

6.   Since the 1990s, the advent of which of the following has greatly affected all aspects of health care?

a. managed care c. diagnostic-related groups
b. welfare reform d. insurance reform

7.   In what year did the clinical simulation exam replace the orals?

a. 1975 c. 1982
b. 1979 d. 1985

8.   In what year was the National Board for Respiratory Therapy (NBRT) formed?

a. 1969 c. 1974
b. 1971 d. 1977

9.   Which of the following is meant by AE-C?

a. adult expert care c. acute care expert
b. acuity level specialist d. certified asthma educator


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