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Test Bank for Foundations of Maternal Newborn and Womens Health Nursing 6th Edition

By: Murray, McKinney

Edition: 6th Edition

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Test Bank for Foundations of Maternal-Newborn and Women’s Health Nursing 6th Edition

Table of Contents

Chapter 01: Maternity and Women’s Health Care Today(FREE)
Chapter 02: The Nurse’s Role in Maternity and Women’s Health Care(FREE)
Chapter 03: Ethical, Social, and Legal Issues(FREE)
Chapter 04: Reproductive Anatomy and Physiology
Chapter 05: Hereditary and Environmental Influences on Childbearing
Chapter 06: Conception and Prenatal Development
Chapter 07: Physiologic Adaptations to Pregnancy
Chapter 08: Psychosocial Adaptations to Pregnancy
Chapter 09: Nutrition for Childbearing
Chapter 10: Antepartum Fetal Assessment
Chapter 11: Perinatal Education
Chapter 12: Processes of Birth
Chapter 13: Nursing Care During Labor and Birth
Chapter 14: Intrapartum Fetal Surveillance
Chapter 15: Pain Management During Childbirth
Chapter 16: Nursing Care During Obstetric Procedures
Chapter 17: Postpartum Physiologic Adaptations
Chapter 18: Postpartum Psychosocial Adaptations
Chapter 19: Normal Newborn: Processes of Adaptation
Chapter 20: Assessment of the Normal Newborn
Chapter 21: Care of the Normal Newborn
Chapter 22: Infant Feeding
Chapter 23: Home Care of the Infant
Chapter 24: The Childbearing Family with Special Needs
Chapter 25: Complications of Pregnancy
Chapter 26: Concurrent Disorders During Pregnancy
Chapter 27: Intrapartum Complications
Chapter 28: Postpartum Maternal Complications
Chapter 29: High-Risk Newborn: Complications Associated with Gestational Age and Development
Chapter 30: High-Risk Newborn: Acquired and Congenital Conditions
Chapter 31: Family Planning
Chapter 32: Infertility
Chapter 33: Preventive Care for Women
Chapter 34: Women’s Health Problems

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