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Test Bank For Discovering Psychology 7th Edition By Hockenbury

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Test Bank For Discovering Psychology 7th Edition By Hockenbury

ISBN-10: 146417105X, ISBN-13: 9781464171055

1. What roles did philosophy and physiology play in the development of psychology as an independent science?



2. How did Wilhelm Wundt and William James differ in their views of what psychology should study?



3. Discuss Charles Darwin’s influence on William James and explain how Darwin’s theory of evolution contributed to psychology.



4. What contributions did Mary Whiton Calkins and Margaret Floy Washburn make to psychology?



5. Discuss the achievements and contributions of Francis C. Sumner.



6. Who was Sigmund Freud, and what were the basic ideas of the school of psychological thought that he founded?



7. Compare and contrast psychoanalysis and behaviorism.



8. What roles did Ivan Pavlov, John B. Watson, and B. F. Skinner play in the founding of behaviorism?



9. What is humanistic psychology, and who introduced this approach?



10. List and describe the eight major perspectives in contemporary psychology described in the text. Be sure to address how each perspective differs in emphasis and approach.


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