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Test Bank For Discovering GIS and ArcGIS 2nd Edition By Shellito

Edition: 2nd Edition

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Test Bank For Discovering GIS and ArcGIS 2nd Edition By Shellito

ISBN-13: 978-1319060473, ISBN-10: 1319060471

Chapter 1 Test Bank Questions
1. Which of the following software programs has the greatest functionality?
a. ArcGIS Standard
b. ArcGIS Unlimited
c. ArcGIS Advanced
d. ArcGIS Extended
2. What type of data is location-based?
a. Geospatial
b. World-centric
c. Geo-coordinate
d. Non-spatial
3. The GCS uses which of the following systems to determine a location?
a. Latitude and Longitude
b. Easting and Northing
c. False Easting and False Northing
d. Meridian, Baseline, and Zone
4. UTM uses which of the following units of measurement?
a. Degrees, Minutes, and Seconds
b. Miles
c. Meters
d. Feet
5. In ArcGIS’s Catalog, which of the following operations is used when accessing another drive
(such as files on a server or files on a USB drive)?
a. ArcToolbox
b. Table of Contents
c. Folder Connections
d. Branching
6. When modeling the world in GIS, when all features are treated as objects with definite
locations and boundaries, what is being described?
a. Continuous View of the world
b. Discrete View of the world
c. Ellipsoid View of the world
d. Geographic View of the world
7. The datum used by the Global Positioning System is:
a. NAD27
b. NAD83
c. WGS84
d. GCS95

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