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Test Bank For 21st Century Astronomy The Solar System Fifth Edition By Kay Palen

Edition: 5th Edition

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Test Bank For 21st Century Astronomy The Solar System Fifth Edition By Kay Palen


Chapter 1|Thinking Like an Astronomer 1

Chapter 2|Patterns in the Sky—Motions of Earth and the Moon 18

Chapter 3|Motion of Astronomical Bodies 37

Chapter 4|Gravity and Orbits 53

Chapter 5|Light 72

Chapter 6|The Tools of the Astronomer 90

Chapter 7|The Birth and Evolution of Planetary Systems 107

Chapter 8|The Terrestrial Planets and Earth’s Moon 124

Chapter 9|Atmospheres of the Terrestrial Planets 144

Chapter 10|Worlds of Gas and Liquid—The Giant Planets 163

Chapter 11|Planetary Moons and Rings 181

Chapter 12|Dwarf Planets and Small Solar System Bodies 198

Chapter 13|Taking the Measure of Stars 216

Chapter 14|Our Star—The Sun 236

Chapter 15|Star Formation and the Interstellar Medium 254

Chapter 16|Evolution of Low-Mass Stars 273

Chapter 17|Evolution of High-Mass Stars 292

Chapter 18|Relativity and Black Holes 314

Chapter 19|Galaxies 334

Chapter 20|The Milky Way—A Normal Spiral Galaxy 356

Chapter 21|The Expanding Universe 378

Chapter 22|Cosmology 397

Chapter 23|Large-Scale Structure in the Universe 419

Chapter 24|Life 443

Bloom’s Taxonomy

This Test Bank provides 2,400 multiple choice and short answer questions. Each chapter consists of six question levels classified according to Bloom’s Taxonomy:




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