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Test Bank For Human Genetics 12th Edition By Ricki Lewis

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Test Bank For Human Genetics 12th Edition By Ricki Lewis

Chapter 01 What Is in a Human Genome?



1) Genetics is the study of

A) variation of inherited traits.

B) how organisms reproduce.

C) how life originated.

D) how the environment causes disease.


2) In which choice are the entries listed from smallest to largest?

A) DNA building block – gene – chromosome – genome

B) DNA building block – RNA building block – protein

C) Gene – cell – DNA – genome

D) Chromosome – genome – cell – DNA building block


3) The complete genetic material of an organism is its

A) genome.

B) chromosome.

C) phenotype.

D) genotype.


4) The number of copies of our genome in most of our cells is ________.

A) 1

B) 2

C) 3

D) 4


5) An estimated ________ DNA base pairs comprise the human genome.

A) 32,000

B) 320,000

C) 3.2 million

D) 3.2 billion


6) The field of ________ was founded in the 1970s to address moral issues and controversies that arise in applying medical technology.

A) metaethics

B) bioethics

C) biotechnology

D) genetics


7) Variants of a gene are called

A) genotypes.

B) phenotypes.

C) alleles.

D) single nucleotide polymorphisms.

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