Test Bank For Focus on Adult Health Medical-Surgical Nursing Psc Edition by Linda

Test Bank For Focus on Adult Health Medical-Surgical Nursing Psc Edition by Linda


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Test Bank For Focus on Adult Health Medical-Surgical Nursing Psc Edition by Linda

1. The school nurse is presenting a health promotion class to a group of high school students. How does the nurse define health?
A) Health is being disease free.
B) Health is having fulfilling relationships.
C) Health is having a clean drinking source and nutritious food.
D) Health is being connected in body, mind, and spirit.



2. The home health nurse is assisting a patient and his family in planning the patient’s return to work after an extensive illness. On which level of Maslow’s hierarchy of basic needs does the patient’s need for self-fulfillment fit?
A) Physiologic
B) Safety and security
C) Love and belonging
D) Self-actualization



3. A nurse on a medical-surgical unit has asked to represent her unit on the hospital’s Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) committee. In researching CQI programs, the nurse should understand that they have what characteristic?
A) CQI programs establish accountability on the part of health care professionals.
B) CQI programs focus on the process used to provide care.
C) CQI programs identify incidents rather than processes.
D) CQI programs justify health care costs.



4. Economics have dictated many significant changes in the health care delivery system. What is one major effect that economic factors have had on the patient population?
A) Patients are in the hospital for a longer period of time.
B) Patients have access to greater technology at lower costs.
C) Patients with high home-care needs are being discharged into the community.
D) Patient use of ambulatory care has decreased.



5. Staff nurses in an ICU setting have noticed that their patients required fewer interventions for pain when the ICU was quiet. They passed their observations on to a nurse researcher and asked the researcher to design a study about the effects of noise on the pain levels of hospitalized patients. How does this demonstrate the primary purpose of nursing research?
A) Nursing research involves patients and their care while hospitalized.
B) Nursing research contributes to the scientific base of nursing practice.
C) Nursing research draws conclusions about the quality of patient care.
D) Nursing research explains ongoing medical studies to patients.