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Test Bank For A Gift of Fire Social Legal and Ethical Issues for Computing Technology 4th Edition

Edition: 4th Edition

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Test Bank For A Gift of Fire Social Legal and Ethical Issues for Computing Technology 4th Edition

ISBN-10: 0132492679 ISBN-13: 9780132492676

Essay Questions

Chapter 1

1.  Explain the difference between deontological theories of ethics and utilitarian theories of ethics. 

2.  Explain the difference between negative rights and positive rights.

Chapter 2

1.  Explain why the United States has historically placed less value than the European Union on the right to privacy.

2.  Describe three of the Fair Information Principles. 

Chapter 3

1. a. Summarize the Child Online Protection Act (COPA) and the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA).

b. Discuss at least three differences between COPA and CIPA? 

c. What impact would COPA have had on freedom of speech on the Internet? Why was COPA overturned by the courts?

2. The oral arguments before the Supreme Court concerning the Communications Decency Act (CDA) focused extensively on determining the most appropriate analogy for cyberspace.  Arguments were presented that compared the Internet to a library, to television, and to a public place such as a street corner or park.

a. Why are these comparisons important?  Briefly explain the differences between libraries, television, and public places with respect to First Amendment protection.

b. For each of these three analogies (library, television, and public place), describe one significant way in which the Internet is similar and one significant way in which it is different.  Explain the relevance of each of these similarities and differences to the issue of regulation of the Internet.

3.  In 2002, the  U.S. Supreme Court struck down the ban on virtual child pornography. Explain two arguments in support of striking the ban. Explain two arguments against striking the ban. 

4. Explain how Google’s experience in China relates to the issue of global censorship.  

Chapter 4

1. a. How are the Napster and Grokster copyright cases similar, and how are they different?

b. Briefly describe the court’s ruling in both the Napster and Grokster cases.

2. a. Explain the two main provisions of the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act).  

b. Explain how “take-down” notices work and who they protect from lawsuits.

c. How do “take-down” notices sometimes infringe on “fair use”?


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