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NURS 6521 Week 1, to 11 Quiz (2 Versions of Each Quiz) Walden University

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NURS 6521 Week 1, to 11 Quiz (2 Versions of Each Quiz) Walden University

NURS 6521 Week 1 to Week 11 Quiz

NURS 6521 Week 1 Quiz

Version 1

Question 1

1 out of 1 point

The nurse’s assessment of a community-dwelling adult suggests that the client may have drug allergies that have not been previously documented. What statement by the client would confirm this?

Response Feedback:

True allergic reactions include the formation of rash or hives, itching, redness, swelling, difficulty breathing, and anaphylactic shock. Nausea and vomiting, however, are adverse effects of drug therapy. Similarly, an unsafe drop in blood pressure and gastric bleeding from aspirin use is adverse drug effects, not allergic reactions.

Question 2

1 out of 1 point

A patient has been prescribed 1 mg lorazepam (Ativan) sublingual prior to the scheduled insertion of a peripherally inserted central (PIC) line. How should the nurse direct the patient when administering this medication?

Response Sublingual tablets are placed under the tongue where they dissolve and are Feedback: absorbed into the bloodstream. Swallowing the pill may render it less

effective, but is not unsafe. It is not recommended to chew and hold sublingual medications nor to hold them in the mouth for a length of time.

Question 3

1 out of 1 point

A nurse is discussing with a patient the efficacy of a drug that his physician has suggested, and he begins taking it. Efficacy of a drug means which of the following?

Response Efficacy indicates how well a drug produces its desired effect. Different drugs Feedback: have different strengths of attraction or affinity for receptor sites. A drug’s

ability to stimulate its receptor is called its intrinsic activity, and the amount of a drug that must be given to produce a particular response is called the potency of a drug.

Question 4

1 out of 1 point

In order to promote therapeutic drug effects, the nurse should always encourage patients to

Response Taking a drug at the appropriate time will help the patient maintain Feedback: therapeutic drug levels. Not all medications should be taken with food, which

can alter the absorption of some drugs. A patient should never increase or

decrease a medication dosage without checking with the prescriber. An alternative therapy should only be used if the patient has discussed the therapy with the prescriber and they are in agreement.

Question 5

1 out of 1 point

A nurse who is responsible for administering medications should understand that the goals of the MedWatch program are to (Select all that apply.)

Response Feedback:

The goals of the MedWatch program are to increase awareness of serious reactions caused by drugs or medical devices, facilitate the reporting of adverse reactions, and provide the healthcare community with regular feedback about product safety issues. The MedWatch program does not accredit new medical facilities and hospitals. This is the responsibility of JCAHO. MedWatch is not responsible for reporting medication errors.

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