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Mechanics of Fluids 5th Edition By Potter – Test Bank

Edition: 5th Edition

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Mechanics of Fluids 5th Edition By Potter – Test Bank

Mechanics of Fluids, 5th Edition Chapter 4: The Integral Forms of the Fundamental Laws

Sections 4.1 – 4.3

1. Which quantity listed below is an integral quantity? (A) Velocity

(B) Pressure
(C) Temperature (D) Mass

2. Which property listed below is an intensive property? (A) Internal energy

(B) Mass (C) Density (D) Enthalpy

3. If kinetic energy is desired, the variable η in Eq. 4.2.6 would be represented by: (A) V

(B) V2
(C) V2/2 (D) mV2/2

4. For a fixed control volume, the reason why d ∫ ρηd V = ∫ ∂ (ρη)d V is: dt c.v. c.v. ∂t

(A) The integrand is independent of time
(B) The limits of integration are independent of time (C) The flow is a steady flow
(D) The quantity ρη is independent of position

5. If the control volume equation for a flow is η2ρ2A2V2 =η1ρ1A1V1, the flow may be:

(A) Uniform flow into and from a fixed volume (B) Steady, uniform flow in a pipe
(C) Uniform flow in a conduit
(D) Steady, one-dimensional flow in a channel

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