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Ranging from Evolve Reach HESI to Evolve Reach A2 and Evolve Reach, HESI exams are known by different names, but they are all the same and equally difficult. HESI A2 exam is curated for health profession students of different fields and nursing students. Students are allowed to take the exams a maximum of three times in a year as their schedule allows. In addition, there are HESI exit exams, and the students need to take them according to the nursing program.

Many students wonder, “is the HESI exam hard?” It all depends on your current academic performance, but the HESI exam practice can help you grasp the concepts better. So, if you have been looking for on-point practice exams, we have the options available. The practice questions are selected to provide a better idea of the weaker concepts, so you can focus on your learning. In addition, there are flashcards and study guides available for more in-depth learning.

What Does The Practice Test Entail?

The practice tests are designed with questions from different subjects and in the same weightage as the entrance test to ensure students have the exam-like experience. Since there are 326 questions on the HESI exam, the entry test has the same questions. There are questions related to math, vocabulary and general knowledge, grammar, reading comprehension, chemistry, physics, anatomy, physiology, and biology. In addition, there are questions related to the learning style and personality profile.

Each practice test is designed with over 50 questions in a section, which varies with the subject. That being said, you can take the practice exam and learn your way through the exams. There are free resources available with the practice test to ensure you learn the right concepts.

In-Depth Learning Experience

The HESI exam practice will help reveal different areas of study that you need to focus on and on which topics you’ve enough understanding already. Taking the practice exam will ensure that you determine the areas of weakness and strength, so you can be confident in the real exams.

Explanation Of Answers

With the practice test, you can determine which answers are incorrect. In case of an incorrect answer, you can get a proper explanation on the right answer, so you can understand the topic. That being said, this practice exam is all you need to ace the HESI exam and get into the desired nursing field. Lastly, you can always consult the extra study material to grasp a better understanding of the concept!