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2022 HESI Maternity OB Exam Version 1 Test Questions & Answers (A+ grade)

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2022 HESI Maternity OB Exam Version 1 Test Questions & Answers (A+ grade)

2022 HESI Maternity OB Exam Version 1

Test Questions & Answers (A+ grade)


1. A primipara has delivered a stillborn fetus at 30 weeks gestation. To assist the parents with the grieving process, which intervention is most important for the nurse to implement?

  1. Provide an opportunity for the parents to hold their infant in privacy.
  2. Assist the couple in completing a request for an autopsy.
  3. Encourage the couple to seek family counseling within the next few weeks.
  4. Explain the possible causes of fetal demise.

2. What is the priority nursing assessment immediately following the birth of an infant with esophageal atresia and a tracheoesophageal (TE) fistula?

  1. Body temperature.
  2. Level of pain.
  3. Time of the first void.
  4. Number of vessels in the cord.

3. What is the most important assessment for the nurse to conduct following the administration of epidural anesthesia to a client who is at 40 weeks gestation?

  1. Maternal blood pressure.
  2. Level of pain sensation
  3. Station of presenting part.
  4. Variability of fetal heart rate.
  1. A 34-week primigravida woman with preeclampsia is receiving Lactated Ringer’s 500ml with magnesium sulfate 20 grams at the rate of 3g/hr. How many ml/hr should the nurse program the infusion pump? (Enter numeric value only.) 75ml/hr
  2. A 6-year-old with heart failure (HF) gained 2 pounds in the last 24 hours. Which intervention is more important for the nurse to implement?

a. Graph the daily weight for the past week.

  1. Decrease IV flow rate.
  2. Assess bilateral lung sounds.
  3. Restrict intake of oral fluids.

6. A mother of a 3-year-old boy has just given birth to a new baby girl. The little boy asks the nurse, “Why is my baby sister eating my mommy’s breast?” How should the nurse respond? (Select all that apply.)

  1. Explain that newborns get milk from their mothers in this way.
  2. Reassure the older brother that does not hurt his mother.
  3. Remind him that his mother breastfed him too.
  4. Suggest that the baby can also drink from a bottle.
  5. Clarify that breastfeeding is his mother’s choice.

7. The nurse is examining an infant for possible cryptorchidism. Which exam technique should be used?

  1. Place the infant in a side-lying position to facilitate the exam.
  2. Hold the penis and retract the foreskin gently.
  3. Cleanse the penis with an antiseptic-soaked pad.
  4. Place the infant in a warm room and use a calm approach.

8. The nurse is planning care for a client at 30 weeks gestation who is experiencing preterm labor. What maternal prescription is most important in preventing this fetus from developing respiratory syndrome?

  1. Betamethasone (Celestone) 12mg deep IM.
  2. Butorphanol 1mg IV push q2h PRN pain.
  3. Ampicillin 1g IV push q8h.
  4. Terbutaline (Brethine) 0.25mg subcutaneously q15 minutes x3.
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