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Hematology in Practice 2nd Edition By Betty Ciesla – Test Bank

Edition: 2nd Edition

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Hematology in Practice 2nd Edition By Betty Ciesla – Test Bank

ISBN-10: 0803625618, ISBN-13: 9780803625617

Table of Contents
Basic Hematology Principles
Introduction to Hematology and Basic Laboratory Practice
From Hematopoiesis to the Complete Blood Count
Red Blood Cell Production, Function and Relevant Red Cell Morphology
Hemoglobin Function and Principles of Hemolysis
Red Cell Disorders
The Microcytic Anemias
The Macrocytic Anemias
Normochromic Anemias: Biochemical, Membrane, and Miscellaneous Red Blood Cell Disorders and Miscellaneous Red Cell Disorders
The Normochromic Anemias due to Hemoglobinopathies
White Blood Cell Disorders
Leukopoiesis and Leukopoietic Function
Abnormalities of White Blood Cells: Quantitative, Qualitative, and the Lipid Storage Diseases
Acute Leukemias
Chronic Myeloproliferative Disorders
Lymphoproliferative Disorders and Related Plasma Cell Disorders
The Myelodysplastic Syndromes
Hemostasis And Disorders Of Coagulation
Overview of Hemostasis and Platelet Physiology
Quantitative and Qualitative Platelet Disorders
Defects of Plasma Clotting Factors
Fibrinogen, Thrombin, and the Fibrinolytic System
Introduction to Thrombosis and Anticoagulant Therapy
Lab Procedures
Basic Procedures in a Hematology Laboratory

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