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Comprehensive NCLEX-RN Quiz #1 75 Ques and Ans Rationale (2022 update)

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Comprehensive NCLEX-RN Quiz #1 75 Questions and Correct Answers Rationale (2022 update)

Comprehensive NCLEX-RN| Quiz #1: 75 Questions and Correct Answers/ Rationale (2022 update)

Question: A triage nurse has these four (4) clients arrive in the emergency department within 15 minutes.Whichclientshouldthetriagenursesendbacktobeseenfirst?

A. A 2-month-old infant with a history of rolling off the bed and has bulging fontanelle with crying B. A teenager who got a singed beard while camping
C. An elderly client with complaints of frequent liquid brown-colored stools
D. A middle-aged client with intermittent pain behind the right scapula {{{CorrectAns-B.Ateenagerwhogotasingedbeardwhilecamping

This client is in the greatest danger with a potential of respiratory distress. Any client with singed facial

hair has been exposed to heat or fire at close range which could have caused serious damage to the

interior of the lungs. Note that the interior lining of the lungs has no nerve fibers so the client will not be

aware of swelling.)

Question: While planning care for a toddler, the nurse teaches the parents about the expected developmental changes for this age. Which statement by the mother shows that she understands the child’s developmental needs?

A. “I want to protect my child from any falls.”
B. “I will set limits on exploring the house.”
C. “I understand the need to use those new skills.”
D. “I intend to keep control over our child.”
{{{Correct Ans-C. “I understand the need to use those new skills.”

Erikson describes the stage of toddler as being the time when there is normally an increase in


Question: The nurse is preparing to administer enteral feeding to a client via a nasogastric feeding tube. The most important action of the nurse is:

A. Verify the correct placement of the tube
B. Check that the feedingsolutionmatches the dietary order
C. Aspirate abdominal contents to determine the amount of last feeding remaining in the stomach D. Ensure that the feeding solution is at room temperature
{{{Correct Ans-A. Verify the correct placement of the tube

Proper placement of the tube prevents aspiration and entrance of food content into the lungs. The

definitive way to ascertain the position of the nasogastric tube is through visualization by an x -ray.

Another method is to aspirate stomach contents and check its pH (usually pH 1 to 5). Aspirated stomach


Question: The nurse is caring for a client with a serum potassium level of 3.5 mEq/L. The client is placed on a cardiac monitor and receives 40 mEq potassium chloride in 1000 ml of 5% dextrose in water IV. Which of the following EKG patterns indicates to the nurse that the infusions should be discontinued?

A. Narrowed QRS complex
B. Shortened “PR” interval
C. Tall peaked “T” waves
D. Prominent “U” waves
{{{Correct Ans-C. Tall peaked “T” waves

A tall peaked T wave is a sign of hyperkalemia. The healthcare provider should be notified regarding

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