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Test Bank for Pharmacotherapeutics for Advanced Practice Nurse Prescribers 5th Edition

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Test Bank for Pharmacotherapeutics for Advanced Practice Nurse Prescribers 5th Edition Woo

Chapter 1. The Role of the Nurse Practitioner
Multiple Choice
Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.
1. Nurse practitioner prescriptive authority is regulated by:
1. The National Council of State Boards of Nursing
2. The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration
3. The State Board of Nursing for each state
4. The State Board of Pharmacy
2. The benefits to the patient of having an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) prescriber
1. Nurses know more about Pharmacology than other prescribers because they take it
both in their basic nursing program and in their APRN program.
2. Nurses care for the patient from a holistic approach and include the patient in
decision-making regarding their care.
3. APRNs are less likely to prescribe narcotics and other controlled substances.
4. APRNs are able to prescribe independently in all states, whereas a physician’s
assistant needs to have a physician supervising their practice.
3. Clinical judgment in prescribing includes:
1. Factoring in the cost to the patient of the medication prescribed
2. Always prescribing the newest medication available for the disease process
3. Handing out drug samples to poor patients
4. Prescribing all generic medications to cut costs
4. Criteria for choosing an effective drug for a disorder include:
1. Asking the patient what drug they think would work best for them
2. Consulting nationally recognized guidelines for disease management
3. Prescribing medications that are available as samples before writing a prescription
4. Following U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration guidelines for prescribing
5. Nurse practitioner practice may thrive under health-care reform because of:
1. The demonstrated ability of nurse practitioners to control costs and improve patient
2. The fact that nurse practitioners will be able to practice independently
3. The fact that nurse practitioners will have full reimbursement under health-care
4. The ability to shift accountability for Medicaid to the state level
Chapter 1. The Role of the Nurse Practitioner
Answer Section
1. ANS: 3 PTS: 1
2. ANS: 2 PTS: 1
3. ANS: 1 PTS: 1
4. ANS: 2 PTS: 1
5. ANS: 1 PTS: 1


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