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Test Bank for Medical Surgical Nursing 2nd Edition Hoffman

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Test Bank for Medical-Surgical Nursing 2nd Edition Hoffman

ISBN-13: 9780803677074

Chapter 1: Foundations for Medical-Surgical Nursing
Multiple Choice
Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.

1. The medical-surgical nurse identifies a clinical practice issue and wants to determine if it is sufficient
evidence to support a change in practice. Which type of study provides the strongest evidence to support a
practice change?
1) Randomized control study
2) Quasi-experimental study
3) Case-control study
4) Cohort study
2. The medical-surgical unit recently implemented a patient-centered care model. Which action was implemented by
Does the nurse support this model?
1) Evaluating care
2) Assessing needs
3) Diagnosing problems
4) Providing compassion
3. Which action should the nurse implement when providing patient care in order to support The Joint
Commission’s (TJC) National Patient Safety Goals (NPSG)?
1) Silencing a cardiorespiratory monitor
2) Identifying each patient using one source
3) Determining patient safety issues upon admission
4) Decreasing the amount of pain medication administered
4. Which interprofessional role does the nurse often assume when providing patient care in an acute care
1) Social worker
2) Client advocate
3) Care coordinator
4) Massage therapist
5. The medical-surgical nurse wants to determine if a policy change is needed for an identified clinical problem.
Which is the first action the nurse should implement?
1) Developing a question
2) Disseminating the findings
3) Conducting a review of the literature
4) Evaluating outcomes of practice change
6. The nurse is evaluating the level of evidence found during a recent review of the literature. Which evidence
carries the lowest level of support for a practice change?
1) Level IV
2) Level V
3) Level VI
4) Level VII
7. The nurse is reviewing evidence from a quasi-experimental research study. Which level of evidence should
the nurse identify for this research study?
1) Level I
2) Level II
3) Level III
4) Level IV
8. Which level of evidence should the nurse identify when reviewing evidence from a single descriptive research
1) Level IV
2) Level V
3) Level VI
4) Level VII
9. Which statement should the nurse make when communicating the “S” in the SBAR approach for effective
1) “The patient presented to the emergency department at 0200 with lower left abdominal
2) “The patient rated the pain upon admission as a 9 on a 10-point numeric scale.”
3) “The patient has no significant issues in the medical history.”
4) “The patient was given a prescribed opioid analgesic at 0300.”
10. The staff nurse is communicating with the change nurse about the change of status of the patient. The nurse
would begin her communication with which statement if correctly using the SBAR format?
1) “The patient’s heart rate is 110.”
2) “I think this patient needs to be transferred to the critical care unit.”
3) “The patient is a 68-year-old male patient admitted last night.”
4) “The patient is complaining of chest pain.”
11. Which nursing action exemplifies the Quality and Safety Education for Nursing (QSEN) competency of
1) Advocating for a patient who is experiencing pain
2) Considering the patient’s culture when planning care
3) Evaluating patient learning style prior to implementing discharge instructions
4) Assessing the right drug prior to administering a prescribed patient medication
12. Which type of nursing is the root of all other nursing practice areas?
1) Pediatric nursing
2) Geriatric nursing
3) Medical-surgical nursing
4) Mental health-psychiatric nursing
13. Which did the Nursing Executive Center of The Advisory Board identify as an academic-practice gap for new
graduate nurses?
1) Patient advocacy
2) Patient education
3) Disease pathophysiology
4) Therapeutic communication
14. Which statement regarding the use of the nursing process in clinical practice is accurate?
1) “The nursing process is closely related to clinical decision-making.”
2) “The nursing process is used by all members of the interprofessional team to plan care.”
3) “The nursing process has 4 basic steps: assessment, planning, implementation, evaluation.”
4) “The nursing process is being replaced by the implementation of evidence-based practice.”
15. Which is the basis of nursing care practices and protocols?
1) Assessment
2) Evaluation
3) Diagnosis
4) Research
16. Which is a common theme regarding patient dissatisfaction related to care provided in the hospital setting?
1) Space in hospital rooms
2) Medications received to treat pain
3) Time spent with the healthcare team
4) Poor quality food received from dietary

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