Test Bank for Introduction to Audiology Today 1st edition by Hall

Test Bank for Introduction to Audiology Today 1st edition by Hall


By: Hall

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Test Bank for Introduction to Audiology Today 1st edition by Hall

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Chapter 1

Fill in the Blank

  1. Audiologists are responsible for caring for persons with ____________.
  2. _____________ is considered to be the Father of Audiology.
  3. Over the age of 75 years, the proportion of adults with hearing loss is approximately ___________.
  4. Up to _____in 1000 children is born with some degree of hearing impairment.
  5. The medical specialty that treats diseases of the ear is called ______________.
  6. In the United States, audiometers started being used in clinical hearing assessment during the 19___s.
  7. The first academic program in audiology was established by Raymond Carhart at ___________ University.
  8. One of the first hearing research centers in the United States was ______ at Harvard University.
  9. Harvey Fletcher worked at the _______ Laboratories.
  10. An audiologist and mentee of Raymond Carhart who is particularly well-known for developing clinical diagnostic hearing tests is _____________.
  11. Audiologists started becoming involved in the fitting and dispensing of hearing aids in the 19___s.
  12. A professional who has expertise in providing patient services along with research education and experience is termed a __________________.
  13. Audiologists who choose to work with manufacturers of hearing aids and related equipment are called ___________ audiologists.

True or False:

  1. Audiologists are non-physician healthcare professionals who treat hearing loss with techniques other than medicine or surgery.

Multiple Choice

  1. Which of the following is a true specialty area in audiology?
    1. Pediatric audiology
    2. Hearing testing
    3. Working in a medical clinic