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Test Bank For Human Embryology and Developmental Biology 5th Edition

Edition: 5th Edition

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Test Bank For Human Embryology and Developmental Biology 5th Edition

ISBN-10: 1455727946, ISBN-13: 978-1455727940

Carlson: Human Embryology and Developmental Biology, 5th Edition


Chapter 01: Getting Ready for Pregnancy


Test Bank


Multiple Choice


  1. In a court case, a company was sued because a pregnant woman was exposed to chemical vapors one day and subsequently gave birth to an infant with a cleft lip/palate. The embryo was said to have had a menstrual age of 10 weeks at the time of exposure. What was the fertilization age of the embryo?
    1. 6 weeks
    2. 8 weeks
    3. 10 weeks
    4. 12 weeks
    5. 14 weeks




  1. The first meiotic block in the human female gamete occurs in the ____________.
    1. Zygotene stage
    2. Diplotene stage
    3. Diakinesis stage
    4. Metaphase I stage
    5. Metaphase II stage




  1. As spermatozoa leave the testes and are joined by fluids from the prostate and seminal vesicles, they become motile because seminal fluid contains an external energy source. What is that energy source?
    1. Glucose
    2. Glycogen
    3. Ca
    4. Fructose
    5. K





  1. What is a major function of protamines in spermatogenesis?
    1. They prevent autoimmune reactions against the spermatozoa.
    2. They are instrumental in the formation of the acrosome.
    3. They are associated with the membrane receptors for luteinizing hormone on the primary spermatocyte.
    4. They displace nuclear histones and allow compaction of the nuclear chromatin.
    5. They coat the maturing spermatozoa in the epididymis.




  1. In a lawsuit, a woman contends that a congenital malformation of her child was due to her falling down on an icy sidewalk when she was in her eighth week of pregnancy (menstruation age). How many weeks after fertilization (fertilization age) was the embryo at the time of the fall?
    1. 4 weeks
    2. 6 weeks
    3. 8 weeks
    4. 10 weeks
    5. 12 weeks



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