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Test Bank For Fundamentals Nursing Care Skills 2nd Edition By Ludwig Burton

Edition: 2nd Edition

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Test Bank For Fundamentals Nursing Care Skills 2nd Edition By Ludwig Burton

I. Introduction to Nursing
1. The Vista of Nursing
2. Health Care Delivery and Economics
3. Nursing Ethics and Law
4. The Nursing Process and Decision Making
5. Documentation
II. Communicating and Understanding
6. Communication and Relationships
7. Promoting Health and Wellness
8. Ethnic, Cultural, and Spiritual Aspects of Care
9. Growth and Development throughout the Lifespan
10. Loss, Grief, and Dying
11. Complementary and Alternative Medicine
III. Nursing Basics
12. Patient Teaching
13. Safety
14. Medical Asepsis and Infection Control
15. Personal Care
16. Moving and Positioning Patients
17. Vital Signs
18. Applying Heat and Cold
19. Pain Management, Rest, and Restorative Sleep
20. Admission, Transfer, and Discharge
21. Physical Assessment
22. Surgical Asepsis
IV. Clinical Skills and Care
23. Nutrition
24. Nutritional Care and Support
25. Diagnostic Tests
26. Wound Care
27. Musculoskeletal Care
28. Respiratory Care
29. Fluids, Electrolytes, and Acid-Base Balance
30. Bowel Elimination and Care
31. Urinary Elimination and Care
32. Care of Elderly Patients
33. Care of the Surgical Patient
34. Phlebotomy and Blood Specimens
V. Medical Administration
35. Research and Preparing Medications
36. Administering Oral, Topical, and Mucosal Medications
37. Administering Intradermal, Subcutaneous, and Intramuscular Injections
38. Peripheral IV Therapy
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