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Test Bank For Fundamental Nursing Skills and Concept 10th Edition Timby

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Test Bank For Fundamental Nursing Skills and Concept 10th Edition Timby

1. A client reports to the emergency department with ankle pain due to a minor road accident. By asking the client to describe the accident, what type of nursing skill is the nurse using?
A) Assessment skills
B) Comforting skills
C) Counseling skills
D) Caring skills
Ans: A
By asking the client to describe the accident, the nurse is using assessment skills to collect more information about the client’s condition. The nurse is interviewing the client to collect related data. The nurse is not using comforting skills, as the nurse is not providing any emotional support. The counseling skills of the nurse are also not used, as no health education is provided. Caring skills include assistance provided with the activities of daily living, which is not applicable in this scenario.



2. In a nursing unit, the RN delegates nursing tasks to the LPN. Keeping in mind the delegation guidelines, which statement denotes the right task for the LPN?
A) Make beds with the help of unlicensed assistive personnel.
B) Assist clients with nasogastric tube feeds.
C) Take orders from an in-house physician.
D) Assess the client’s needs and start an intravenous line.
Ans: B
Assisting clients with nasogastric tube feeding is an appropriate task for an LPN, as it does not require independent decisions and sophisticated techniques. According to the delegation guidelines, “right task” means that the task should be assigned according to the competency of the caregiver. LPNs may not be authorized to make independent decisions, like starting an IV line, for the client. Bed making is a very basic task and may not be appropriate for an LPN if the UAP is already present. When the RN and LPN are present, the RN takes the physician’s orders.



3. A family has lost a member who was treated for leukemia at a nursing unit. The nurse provides emotional support to the family and counsels them to cope with their loss. Which quality should the nurse use in this situation?
A) Indifference
B) Pity
C) Sympathy
D) Empathy
Ans: D
The nurse should empathize with the family for their loss. Empathy helps the nurse to provide effective care and support without being emotionally distraught by the family’s condition. If the nurse becomes indifferent to the family’s condition, the nurse may not be able to assess their needs. The nurse should not pity or provide sympathy to the family for their loss, as it would unduly involve the nurse emotionally.



4. A 50-year-old client reports to a primary care unit with an open wound due to a fall in the bathroom. Which of the following nursing actions represents caring skills?
A) The nurse cleans the wound and applies a dressing to it.
B) The nurse inspects and examines the wound for swelling.
C) The nurse tells the client to take care while on slippery surfaces.
D) The nurse informs the client that the wound is small and will heal easily.
Ans: A
The nursing action of cleaning the wound and applying a dressing indicates caring skills. Caring skills involve nursing interventions that restore or maintain a person’s health. The nurse implements assessment skills while inspecting and examining the wound. The nurse counsels the client to take care when walking on slippery surfaces. By informing the client about the wound’s condition, the nurse uses comforting skills.
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