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Organizational Behavior Improving Performance And Commitment in the Workplace 5th Edition – Test Bank

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Organizational Behavior Improving Performance And Commitment in the Workplace 5th Edition By Jason Colquitt – Test Bank

Chapter 04

Job Satisfaction

True / False Questions


Research shows that employees with low job satisfaction experience strong positive feelings when they think about their duties or take part in their task activities. 
True    False


Values are those things that people consciously or subconsciously want to seek or attain. 
True    False


The value-percept theory utilizes three critical psychological states to measure job satisfaction. 
True    False


The elements in employees’ relationships with their supervisors that affect levels of job satisfaction are much different from the elements in employees’ relationships with their coworkers that affect job satisfaction. 
True    False


The value-percept theory suggests that people evaluate job satisfaction according to specific “facets” of the job. 
True    False


Some employees do not want frequent promotions because promotions bring more responsibility and increased work hours. 
True    False


Supervision satisfaction reflects employees’ feelings about their coworkers and their bosses. 
True    False


Satisfaction with what employees actually do is captured by the concept of satisfaction with the work itself.  
True    False


Satisfaction with the work itself is the single strongest driver of overall job satisfaction.  
True    False


Meaningfulness of work captures the degree to which employees feel that they are key drivers of the quality of the unit’s work. 
True    False


Job characteristics theory argues that variety, identity, significance, autonomy, and feedback result in high levels of the three psychological states (meaningfulness of work, responsibility for outcomes, and knowledge of results), making work tasks more satisfying. 
True    False


Variety is the degree to which the job provides freedom, independence, and discretion to the individual performing the work. 
True    False

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