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Organizational Behavior And Management 10th Edition – Test Bank

Edition: 10th Edition

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Organizational Behavior And Management 10th Edition By John M. Ivancevich – Test Bank

chapter 4

Student: ___________________________________________________________________________

1. Different individuals will perceive the same thing in different ways, because each gives his or her own meaning to stimuli.
True    False

2. The stimuli that a person focuses on is based on what he or she chooses to pay attention to at a particular moment.
True    False

3. The United States is exporting low-skill, low-paying jobs and importing high-skill, high-paying jobs.
True    False

4. If interviewers rate candidates who are similar in appearance, background, and interests higher than candidates who are dissimilar, they are making a “self promotion” perception error.
True    False

5. Subordinates recognize rewards for good performance just as frequently as supervisors feel they offer them.
True    False

6. A manager has a responsibility to manage within a framework that permits perceptual differences to be voiced without fear or impatience.
True    False

7. Stereotyping is useful for categorizing individuals, events, or organizations on which you have limited information or observation.
True    False

8. At times, prejudice can be traced to direct experiences with members of the rejected group.
True    False

9. Group prejudice occurs when a person takes a dislike to a whole group of individuals.
True    False

10. Stereotyping can be a useful process in that it can greatly increase our efficiency in making sense of our environment.
True    False

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