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Operations And Supply Chain Management 14 Edition By Jacobs – Test Bank

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Operations And Supply Chain Management 14 Edition By Jacobs – Test Bank

Chapter 04

Project Management

True / False Questions


Project management can be defined as planning, directing, and controlling resources to meet the technical, cost, and time constraints of the project. 
True    False


A project may be defined as a series of related jobs directed toward some major output and requiring a significant period of time to perform. 
True    False


The second step in managing a project is writing the statement of work. 
True    False


An event unit package is a subdivision of a project. 
True    False


Complex projects are often subdivided into a series of tasks that are typically configured to be not longer than several months in duration. 
True    False


A work breakdown structure is used in project management but it is not used when the critical path method is involved. 
True    False


The fact that organizations are flattening is one of the reasons that project management is important. 
True    False


The Gantt chart is an example of a project control chart. 
True    False


Upper-level management must decide between pure, functional, and matrix structures as ways to organize projects. 
True    False


One of the disadvantages of a pure project organizational structure is that the project manager has full authority over the project. 
True    False


One of the advantages of a functional project organizational structure is that a team member can work on several projects. 
True    False

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