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NR 511 test bank


NR 511 test bank

NR 511 Test Bank Solutions (Latest Update)

AANP-FNP lightning round review-#2

1. How many sets of Kegels should be done each day to help with urinary incontinence? -Three sets of 10 a day

2. What is the first-line treatment for allergic rhinitis? – intranasal corticosteroid—ie: Flonase.

3. What is the term used for the loss of high-pitched tones in geriatrics? -Presbycusis

4. What type of hearing loss does cerumen impaction cause? – Conductive hearing loss

5. You see an older woman bending over leaving her shopping cart at the grocery store. What is the likely diagnosis?
-Spinal stenosis

6. Multiple myeloma is a disease of what? -Plasma cells

7. What test in the office can you use to help diagnose sciatica?
– Straight leg test (Always pick the cheapest, most noninvasive tests first!!)

8. I have heel pain that is worse in the morning. What is my likely diagnosis? – Plantar fasciitis

9. The Lachman test is used to help diagnose what? – ACL

10. Other tests for ACL include -anterior and posterior drawer tests

11. What is the treatment for gout and what would be the medication instructions for a flare?
– Colchicine and take 1.2 mg at the first sign of flare, followed in 1 hour with a single dose of 0.6 mg.

12. What is a sign of colchicine toxicity? – Diarrhea

13. What is a common cause of posterior knee pain? -Baker’s cyst

14. Cotton wool spots, neovascularization, and microaneurysms are all Eye exam findings in what condition? –Diabetes

15. And what about AV nicking and what it is? – HTN, when an artery crosses over a vein

16. What is the treatment for bacterial sinusitis? -Augmentin

17. I’m tired and have a sore throat and swollen posterior cervical nodes on the exam. What is the likely diagnosis? -Mono–The best thing I can say to help differentiate those two for memory is that P in posterior is closer to M in mono in the alphabet so that’s how I remember!

18. Recall that swollen ANTERIOR cervical nodes are seen in – strep.

19. What is a common side effect of Pyridium, an anti-spasmodic for dysuria? -Orange-colored urine

20. What would be included in your list of differentials for hematuria?
-Bladder cancer, kidney stones, exercise-induced, trauma, medications, infection, and BPH are the most common reasons

21. What is the medication treatment for MRSA? Bactrim

22. What are some symptoms a patient with lupus would complain of? – Fatigue, malar rash aka butterfly rash, and joint aches.

23. And what is the lab that you would order it to confirm it? -ANA

24. What is the term used to describe dry, itching skin? -Xerosis

25. What is the most common kind of skin cancer?
– Basal cell carcinoma reminder that this cancer presents as a pearly domed nodule, pink or flesh-colored and usually has telangiectasia present

26. What medication is used to treat a cat or dog bite? -Augmentin (dogmatic)

27. What do you think of when you hear a bright beefy red rash and what is the treatment? – Candidiasis and treatment is topical anti-fungal (e.g diaper rash)

28. How would you describe the prostate in BPH?

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