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Medical Office Procedures 9Th Edition By Nenna Bayes – Test Bank

Edition: 9th Edition

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Medical Office Procedures 9Th Edition By Nenna Bayes – Test Bank

Medical Office Procedures, 9e (Bayes)

Chapter 2   Medical Ethics, Law, and Compliance

1) The standards of conduct that grow out of one’s understanding of right and wrong are known as:

A) Ethics

B) Morals

C) Behavior

D) Common Sense

2) What is considered to be one response to the bioethical issue of life sustainment without patient consent?

A) Appointing a power of attorney

B) Appointing a guardian

C) Creating a living will

D) Updating a will

3) What is another name for etiquette?

A) Good education

B) Good manners

C) Good attitude

D) Good morals

4) Who is called “the father of modern medicine”?

A) Galileo

B) Zeus

C) Hippocrates

D) Galen

5) The law, as it applies to standards of acceptable care, is known as:

A) Medical ethics

B) Medical jurisprudence

C) Medical etiquette

D) Medical morals

6) Medical practice acts ________ users of healthcare services.

A) Protect

B) Harm

C) Contact

D) Pay

7) The permit issued by the registration branch of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) must be renewed how often?

A) Bi-annually

B) Annually

C) Every three years

D) Every five years

8) The relationship between the physician and the patient starts when the patient:

A) Goes to the physician for care

B) Receives a bill

C) Receives a diagnosis

D) Select the physician as a PCP

9) The contract between a physician and patient is ________, that is, it is not expressed in either words or writing.

A) Not valid

B) A deal

C) Implied

D) Applied

10) At times a written contract is provided. This is called a(n) ________ contract.

A) Implied

B) Expressed

C) Fixed

D) Common

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