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Health Economics And Policy International Edition 4th Edition By James W. Henderson – Test Bank

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Health Economics And Policy International Edition 4th Edition By James W. Henderson – Test Bank


Chapter 2: Using Economics to Study Health Care Issues


This chapter introduces the basic economics model of supply and demand and examines its use in the study of health care issues.  A discussion of the principles of optimizing behavior sets the stage for the development of the model of demand and supply.  A discussion of the theory of the firm follows, contrasting perfect and imperfect competition.  Supply- and demand-side imperfections are also discussed.


Chapter Outline


  1. The relevance of economics in health care
  2. Critical assumptions in economics
  3. The scientific method
  4. Model building
  5. Problem solving
  6. Marginal analysis
  7. Economic optimization
  8. Demand and supply
  9. The law of demand
  10. Price elasticity of demand
  11. The law of supply
  12. Equilibrium
  13. The competitive model
  14. Theory of firm behavior
  15. Price Ceilings and Price Floors
  16. The Impact of an Excise Tax
  17. Welfare implications
  18. a) Consumer surplus
  19. b) Producer surplus
  20. Imperfect competition
  21. Supply-side imperfections
  22. Demand-side imperfections
  23. Summary and conclusions


Profile: Kenneth J. Arrow


Issues in Medical Care Delivery Back-of-the-Envelope
  • Rhetoric in Economics
  • Using Game Theory to Study Economic Behavior
  • Positive and Normative Analysis
  • How to Survive Supply and Demand
  • Is “Safe” Sex Really Safe?




Chapter Objectives

  1. Explain the use of economics as a framework for studying health care issues.
  2. Understand the limits of economics in explaining behavior in medical care markets.
  3. Recognize the importance of incentives in explaining individual behavior.
  4. Examine the basic economic model of demand and supply, including the concepts of equilibrium and elasticity.
  5. Understand and apply the model of firm behavior in medical markets.
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