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Students who are into nursing and want to make a career out of it need to take the ATI TEAS exam. ATI exam is basically the admission exam designed for nursing education and is known to evaluate a students’ academic skills to ensure they are the right fit for the nursing industry. It’s safe to say that the ATI proctored exam is a diagnostic one that every student wanting to take admission in nursing needs to take. On the other hand, preparing for the ATI exam is extremely frustrating, but the quizzes and practice tests can be a great help!

With this platform, you can find the ATI practice tests, so you can assess your academic progress and concepts before you sit in the actual exam hall. It’s a great way of assessing your weak points and actually buys you time to revise them and learn more. The practice questions are written by the nursing professionals and are formatted according to the latest examination outline, promising a full-range exam experience.

Different Types Of Questions

The practice test includes the questions for every subject (all 11 subjects) because every subject has a significant weightage and determines if you are going to pass the exam or not. This practice test is a perfect opportunity for busy students to learn and ace their nursing admission tests. There are various types of quizzes available, so you can take quizzes according to your schedule and how much time you’ve left for the exam (and your day!).

Check Your Performance

With each question, you get to know if it’s correct or not – that being said, if you mark an incorrect answer, you will be provided with a full explanation to understand the right concept and memorize it. Since this is an online practice test, you can gauge your progress and calculate how much you will actually score in the real ATI exam.

Extra Covering Material

We have already mentioned that with every incorrect answer, you will be able to find the explanation behind it. In addition to that, we have the covering material available for every ATI TEAS exam, including mathematics, science, reading, language usage, and English, to ensure you are clear on every subject.

Having that said, there is no hard-and-fast score that you must achieve in the test to get in. For this reason, you must give it your best, so you increase your chances of getting in!