Best 15 States Recommended for Nursing 

Best 15 States Recommended for Nursing 

Best 15 States Recommended for Nursing 

Looking forward to pursuing my degree as a nurse or still thinking about it. Nursing is quite an exciting career to explore, but people always face difficulties in searching for the best state to experience and explore more about nursing.

The nursing career is booming with time, and people appreciate and take a keen interest. According to the Gallup poll, nursing has consecutively been rated as the most respected career for more than 19 years.

This article will highlight information about the most ideal and popular states to pursue. We will briefly discuss why people should pursue nursing in these states. The reason behind pursuing nursing in these states with proper facts and figures

Explore The Best States For Nursing Of 2022

We have curated a list of popular states for nursing care for the year 2022; the 15 best states for a nursing career are as follows:

  1. New York

The number one state for nursing is the one and only New York City. The project is expanding with time, and approximately 17000 new jobs are offered annually in the grand city. The nurses are earning, or they can earn, almost 57,990-126,660 dollars annually. There is no legislation to become a Nurse License Compact, so for people who are willing or it’s their dream to pursue nursing in NY, it is mandatory to apply for and accept the New York nursing License.

  1. Colorado

The next state is Colorado, a city where you can apply for Nurse License Compact. To practice as a nurse, you must submit the Primary State of Residency (PSOR). The nurse must submit PSOR, which means you are registered to practice in Colorado and have a driver’s license. YOu can earn upto 77,8860 dollars annually, which is a very well-earned wage.

  1. Maryland

Many people wish to visit Maryland, a beautiful place where you can explore opportunities in nursing with a yearly income of up to 84,590 dollars. If nurses say that the wage is not enough, the state of Maryland offers multiple programs in different Universities where they can polish their nursing skills and, ultimately, earn more.

There are 50,000 registered nurses over there, with a 21.66% boost observed in RN jobs over the past 10 years, which is an outstanding achievement and a place for nursing.

  1. California

California is an excellent state for exploring and polishing skills for nursing. If you love hot weather, wineries are probably a great place to enjoy and work as a nurse. Annually the nurses can earn 120,560 dollars each year, which is 60,0000 more than the 75,330 dollars for RNs.

Moreover, it is home to more than a thousand professional and registered nurses in the USA with approximately 175,000 more members than in the entire globe in terms of nursing.

  1. Texas

Texas is also famous as the Lone Star State, another highest employment rate for nurses in the entire USA, with currently 250,000 RNs practicing as nurses. Texas has become a member of the Nurse Licensure Compact ever since 2000.

Ever since the pandemic, the spaces for nurses were left out, and the state was looking and hiring people to train nurses with an outstanding monthly wage.76,800 is the estimated salary for nurses, with a steady increase in Rn jobs, which is 16.75%.

  1. Arizona

Suppose you enjoy a hot climate and mild cold, the best place to visit and practice nursing. There are about 100,441 registered candidates with professional experience serving a population of about 7.3 inhabitants of Arizona. The per hour offered in this state is about 38.64 dollars with 80,380 dollars annually with 35.01% enhancement in job Opportunities offering 2110 jobs each year.

The nurses are trained very well so that in an emergency, they know what to do and how to look after their patients, ensuring safety and security as the utmost priorities.

  1. New Jersey

NJ is Another famous state for almost 2.79% of nurses with proper registration, with 136,599 RNs practicing their skills in nursing. It’s a metropolitan state that offers a marvelous place to apply for an important degree like nursing and explores the nursing industry. Nurses can easily make an income of about 85 thousand dollars, with the current 11% improvement in the employment rate.m Moreover, the state offers more than 6000 jobs per year, so it will be a great chance to apply to such a state and become a professional nurse.

  1. Oregon

This state is explored as the fourth-highest paying state. The numbers were recorded in 2020 by The US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Nurses can earn an average salary of about 96 thousand dollars annually, and it is commonly said that Oregon is the best place to register as a nurse.

The state hires 3,010 nurses annually, implementing about 12.25% of job openings for the next decade.

  1. Pennsylvania

Currently, 236,000 employees are registered in the city of Pennsylvania, which estimates upto a 12.50 % enhancement. The state pledges to increase the number of job openings to 9,000 to 12,000 per year during the next 10 years.

Moreover, the state is rich for having the oldest history in healthcare institutions, with outstanding and cultivated education and programs offered in different institutions and universities. The nurses can earn up to $53,000 to $99,000 annually.

  1. Utah

Utah is another r ranked place for nurses where you can earn training and boot as a professional in the nursing industry. The average salary you can earn is approximately 70 thousand dollars with consecutively increases in the nursing sector.

  1. Delaware

The next state is the state of Delaware. Although the state is small, it still offers a 74 dollars annual salary to the nurse registered as a trainer. And each year, the employment rate is improving, with 21 thousand of nurses working in Delaware.

  1. Nevada

The state of Nevada offers excellent employment opportunities for nurses who can earn 90,000 dollars annually, with increases in employment up to 540 each year. However, the opportunity figure is not much, and it is still a great place if you try.

  1. New Hampshire

New Hampshire nurses are the nurses who switch great demand around the globe because the quality of training is mind-blowing. With an annual salary of 100,000 and 960 employment opportunities for nurses annually.

  1. Virginia

The state of Virginia is best for thrilling and qualitative trainer and job opportunities. All the nurses have trained very well with an annual salary of about 75 thousand dollars approx.

  1. Idaho

The state of Idaho currently has 24 thousand licensed dollars, with 71,640 dollars the nurses can earn annually, with an expected growth of about 19.87% over the following years.

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